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Providing An Invisible Shield of Protection

 For years, I  (John Hembel, owner), thought that I was knowledgeable and experienced when it came to safety/security films and installation, then I went to the factory authorized training for ARMORCOAT... WOW was I wrong!  It's not that I didn't know the products, but I could have been installing it a lot better.

There is A LOT to know in this sector of the window film business, and in many cases, lives are literately on the line.

Schools nationwide are installing (properly secured) security films to lower risks to our children. Higher risk businesses rely on security films to mitigate break-in potential, and where injury from glass breakage is a concern, safety/security films can be the answer. But, if installed improperly, effectiveness is minimized.

 Think of it this way:  You wouldn't entrust your heart surgery to your general practitioner, so why entrust your child's safety to an untrained window film installer?

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