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Save Money and Improve Comfort!


  Energy Savings!   With larger commercial buildings, we can usually save tens of thousands of dollars in energy use, and with our films carrying an 18 year commercial warranty, the films are still saving the building owner (or tenant money long after the installation has paid for itself.

  Comfort!  Many office spaces are very hot by the windows and much cooler towards the interior, making it very uncomfortable for employees on one side or the other. Window films can even out the temperatures and increase employee comfort and productivity.

  Eye Strain  Large expanses of glass can be difficult to manage. Glare on computers or in the eyes of employees, can make for seriousy uncomfortable working conditions. Window films are an easy, cost effective solution.

  Aesthetics  It can be difficult to retain a uniform appearance with a glass building. Some tenants will close blinds, while others won't. Some will use the space in front of their window as storage... of items nobody really wants to see!  Select window films can create the uniform appearance desired, while adding all of the above benefits.

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